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    YongKang ChuangJi Electronic Co.,Ltd is located in YongKang Which is China Hardware Capital.Our company ,founded in 2003.We’re a professional in the development and production sales services in a modern science and technology enterprise.Our company is specialized in outdoor solar bug killer .frequency vibration-killing lamp.Battery type bug killer.Solar insecticidal advertising lamp.Indoor mosquito killer.mosquito swatter.mouse repellent and bird repellent.
    We always adhere to the low carbon energy conservation environmental sustainable development route.We passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification ROHS authentiacation and so on.Our company have 15 national patent products and our products sell well in more than 50 countries and regions.We’re the present domestic large production mosquito killer manufacturers.In 2008 Beijing paralympic,our company produced the mosquito killers are designated as the exclusive sponsor.
     ”Shenbu” outdoor bug killers had already passed the provincial farm machinery promotion identification,and already included 2012-2014 countries to support the promotion of agricultural machinery products catalog.Buying machine enjoy subsidies. “ShenBu” Solar insecticidal lampis the present domestic most advanced and independent research and development of the microcomputer control bug killr lamp.And our company insist on reliable quality low price and perfect after-sale service,by the domestic and international customer consistent high praise.
    Our objective:to contribute to an environment-friendly pest control; To pursure perpetual harmony between nature and human-being.
    Our goal:to seek sustainability from consistent quality and reputation; To seek development from technical innovation.
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